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Congressman Doyle attends the Hazelwood Green groundbreaking

“Jobs at mills like this helped shaped the American dream and created the modern American middle class,” Doyle said. “In their heyday, Pittsburgh steel and Pittsburgh steelworkers were the envy of the world. Today’s groundbreaking is a sign that a new heyday is coming for Pittsburgh and for America — one that will transform and revive an entire sector of the American economy in every corner of our great nation.”

Project Profiles from New York

New 78,000 square foot mixed-use development that transforms a vacant lot, located at the intersection of 3 impoverished neighborhoods, into a mixed-use, multicultural, community…
Finances the renovation of the historic National Biscuit Company Building. The 300-seat theater is developed in partnership with the City of Albany. It’s projected…

Olean, NY 

The First National Project will renovate the historic former headquarters of the 1915 First National Bank and adjoining and Siegel’s Shoes buildings located in…
NMTC financing supported the renovation of several buildings for the Boys and Girls Club of Newburgh. …

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