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Tax Staffer: Anna Taylor, [email protected] (Updated: 02/22/2021)

CSH has received five NMTC allocations totaling $235 M in credit allocations to finance 16 projects and counting that serve low-income, high-health need individuals that are homeless or at risk of homelessness. These projects include: 1) community health centers, 2) projects that offer supportive services including social, healthcare, educational, food security and/or workforce development programs; and (3) mixed-use projects with onsite supportive housing and the uses specified above. Our goal is to strengthen links between housing and services, and CSH offers free technical assistance and training to our borrowers to help further those connections. Specifically, our NMTC investments have:- Helped to build over 580,000 SF of service space, including nearly 250,000 SF for healthcare; – Generated a projected 1,600 construction jobs and over 800 permanent jobs; – Expanded access to primary healthcare, behavioral healthcare, early childhood and adult education programs, and case management services to over 89,000 people annually; and – Supported the development of over 1,200 affordable housing units, including over 800 supportive housing units.

-Jill Steen, Corporation for Supportive Housing, New York, NY

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