Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA02)

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Over time, people with severe mental illness are pushed to marginalized and blighted geographic areas. While this pushing is not done intentionally, it is a natural outcome of the vicious cycle of poverty which can often times accompany the symptoms of mental illness and behavioral disorders.
As a community mental health center, Vera French strives to be where our clients need us. NMTC can be the critical funding source allowing community mental health centers to create the facilities and programs our clients need and deserve.

-Nathan Sondgeroth, Executive Director, Vera French Foundation, Davenport, Iowa

District Highlights


In the district, the NMTC has financed 8 projects supporting manufacturing and industrial businesses totaling $169 million through 2020

NMTC Project Profiles (Inside the District)

Otumwa, IA (2,020)

JB Swift is planning a $26 million plant rehab and expansion to add a smokehouse, blast chiller and expand slicing lines to its Ottumwa…

Keokuk, IA (2,010)

NMTCs were used to finance equipment, buildings, utilities, load-out, road development and engineering costs of an industrial plant….

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