Tracey Mann (R-KS01)

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Tax Staffer: Riley Pagett, [email protected] (Updated: 07/28/2021)

NMTCs were instrumental in a key project in our downtown that was the impetus for redevelopment investments that are now estimated to exceed $170M

-Mike Schrage, City Manager, City of Salina, Kansas

District Highlights

NMTC Project Profiles (Inside the District)

Hugoton, KS (2,020)

In December 2020, NIF allocated $15 million to support Seaboard Energy’s retrofit of an idle ethanol processing facility in Hugoton, Kansas. Seaboard Energy is…

Plainville, KS (2,018)

Since the Rooks County Health Center opened it’s new hospital in 2008, the volume of inpatient and outpatient services has increased by 295%. The…

Smith Center, KS (2,018)

The new Smith County Memorial Hospital and Family Practice opened in Smith Center, KS….

Manhatten, KS (2,017)

The construction of a 59,000 sq. ft. office building for a corporate incubator and research space in Manhattan, KS….

Great Bend, KS (2,017)

River Gorge Capital used NMTC financing to provide working capital and to purchase inventory to facilitate growth of Heartland Ag’s operations at a new…

Salina, KS (2,016)

Finance construction of a building to be used as a field house….

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