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Tax Staffer: Jay Weismuller, [email protected] (Updated: 02/22/2021)

Projects in rural Northern New England have been made possible because of the equity from the NMTC program. With out the NMTC equity the projects would not have been built. The projects have revitalized significant industries in rural NH like the creation of two new food cooperatives that serve as a hub of community activity, create above living wage jobs and access to local, heath food. The creation of a new steel fabrication business in community that had previously been a forest industry – paper mill town. The business employed difficult to employee people in meaningful, good paying jobs that used their existing skill set as a foundation for their new employment. The NMTC program have been a part of the most impactful rural economic development projects in our region.

-Katherine Easterly Martey, Executive Director, New Hampshire Community Development Finance Authority, Concord

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