Mike Bost (R-IL12)

DC Phone: 202-225-5661

Tax Staffer: Noah Barger, [email protected] (Updated: 07/28/2021)

This program is a catalyst for more than $4 Billion Dollars in planed development for our community for 2019-2020.

-Richard Ruel, Chairman, Metro Chamber of Commerce, East St. Louis, Illinois

District Highlights


In the district, the NMTC has financed 13 projects supporting manufacturing and industrial businesses totaling $199 million through 2020

NMTC Project Profiles (Inside the District)

Mount Vernon, IL (2,020)

National Railway Equipment is an independent supplier of new and remanufactured locomotives. The project provided the Company with funds to consolidate existing debt to…

Madison, IL (2,015)

A million sq. ft. of new, rail-served manufacturing and warehousing space in the industrial development along the Mississippi River’s Chain of Rocks shipping canal….

East Saint Louis, IL (2,010)

Jazz at Walter Circle is a four-story mixed-use facility that includes 74 apartments for senior citizens….

Alton, IL (2,009)

The woman-operated Wellspring Resources (now Centerstone) in the medically underserved area of Alton Township is currently meeting a vital community need by providing extensive…

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