Mike Doyle (D-PA18)

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Congressman Doyle attends the Hazelwood Green groundbreaking

“Jobs at mills like this helped shaped the American dream and created the modern American middle class,” Doyle said. “In their heyday, Pittsburgh steel and Pittsburgh steelworkers were the envy of the world. Today’s groundbreaking is a sign that a new heyday is coming for Pittsburgh and for America — one that will transform and revive an entire sector of the American economy in every corner of our great nation.”


The NMTC program has helped us build 26 units of mixed-income for-sale housing in predominately African-American neighborhoods in Pittsburgh. Could not have done this without the NMTC program.

-Maelene J. Myers, Executive Director, East Liberty Development, Inc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

In rust belt cities like Pittsburgh, and especially in low-income communities served by the NMTC program, there is often a gap in financial feasibility – whether for commercial projects that create important jobs or non-profit projects that deliver vital services – that can only be filled by a subsidy like the NMTC.

-Joshua Lavrinc, CEO, Grow Community Development Capital LLC, Pittsburgh, PA

For Pittsburgh, affordable housing has to be more than a laudable goal. It is development that is best achieved when all forces – public, private, philanthropic, and nonprofit alike – work together to deliver and maintain high quality, affordable housing opportunities for Pittsburgh residents. The innovative use of NMTC, as demonstrated by this partnership, exemplifies how social goals can become an economic reality.

-Diamonte Walker, Deputy Director, URA, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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In the district, the NMTC has financed 12 projects expanding manufacturing businesses through 2021

Federally Qualified Health Centers

Through 2021, the NMTC has supported 4 FQHCs in the district.

NMTC Project Profiles (Inside the District)


Pittsburgh, PA

Wood Street Commons is a 16 floor building, with floors 1-6 designated for commercial office space and floors 7-16…

Pittsburgh, PA

The City High Charter School currently serves approximately 560 9th through 12th grade students of which 65% are low-income…

Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh’s Women’s Center and Shelter’s expansion to 48 beds from the existing 36, enhance living spaces, administrative areas and…

Pittsburgh, PA

The revitalization of a major gateway into the East Liberty neighborhood, which has been undergoing a major transformation after…

Pittsburgh, PA

The Bakery Square project is a critical catalyst in the revitalization of the East Liberty Section of Pittsburgh….

Pittsburgh, PA

City of Asylum Pittsburgh is a Pittsburgh nonprofit organization that was co-founded by Henry Reese and his wife Diane…

Pittsburgh, PA

The renovation of an existing five-story 135,800 square foot industrial building located in the Homewood neighborhood of Pittsburgh for…

Pittsburgh, PA

The 421 Seventh Avenue building is located on a prominent corner in the Pittsburgh Central Downtown Historic District, which…

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