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This is a critical tool in helping our rural community access necessary capital for critical community facility and private development projects that employ members of our community.

-Adam Grinold, Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation, Brattleboro, Vermont

NMTC Project Profiles (Inside the District)

Brattleboro, VT (2020)

Project to finance the development of Groundworks Collaborative’s new permanent campus in Brattleboro, VT. Groundworks provides essential shelter and supportive services, including housing case…

Burlington, VT (2019)

This project involved the renovation of the old St. Joseph’s school for the community center. …

Bennington, VT (2019)

Burlington, VT (2018)

New Y offers Burlington residents first-class fitness, wellness, aquatic, and child care experiences….

Bellow Falls, VT (2017)

NMTC financing ensures long-term financial viability of New England manufacturing firm…

Brattleboro, VT (2015)

Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation, the project sponsor, will acquire G.S….

North Springfield, VT (2014)

Vermont Rural Ventures provided a key piece of financing for Black River Produce’s expansion into the distribution of locally raised meats….

Burlington, VT (2014)

Vermont Rural Ventures provided $6.2 million of its New Markets Tax Credit authority to double the size of the King Street Center and create…

Brattleboro, VT (2011)

Financing to redevelop and restore the historic circa 1871 Brooks House, a mixed-use commercial building located in the heart of Brattleboro’s downtown….

Johnson, VT (2011)

Vermont Rural Ventures awarded a portion of its allocation of federal New Markets Tax Credits to provide a financing to Laraway Youth and Family…

Brattleboro, VT (2010)

The Brattleboro Commonwealth Dairy plant facility expansion project….

Richford, VT (2007)

The redevelopment of a historic mill building located on Main Street in the center of the Village of Richford, Vermont….

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