Steve Cohen (D-TN09)

DC Phone: 202-225-3265

Tax Staffer: Alex Schnelle, [email protected] (Updated: 07/28/2021)

We were afforded the opportunity to open a business several years ago. In this time, we have provided numerous job opportunities for low-income and distressed communities. Many businesses could not get funding without this type of a program. Thus preventing many job opportunities in these underserved communities. We NEED a permanent extension if we are going to strengthen and build communities!

-Tundra Whitt, Co-Owner, Meineke Car Care Center, Memphis, Tennessee

District Highlights

NMTC Project Profiles (Inside the District)

Memphis, TN (2,020)

Finances working capital and expansion plans for Loving Arms, LLC, a minority owned business with locations in Jackson and Memphis, providing home healthcare services…

Memphis, TN (2,020)

Construction of a new middle school building to expand the current K-5 enrollment to K-8. New construction of a 27,000 SF middle school on…

Memphis, TN (2,020)

Renovation and expansion of 32,921 SF YMCA facilities and new community goods and services. Services includes Health & Education programs that promote healthy decision…

Memphis, TN (2,019)

River Gorge Capital provided $7.5 million in NMTC financing to Natureplex to support the purchase and equipping of a new facility…

Memphis, TN (2,017)

Development of a 188,740 SF facility for sale, service, training and parts distribution for diesel trucks. – Consolidation of Memphis-area TAG Truck Centers into…

Memphis, TN (2,014)

Crosstown Concourse offers approximately 635,122 sf. of commercial, retail and mixed-residential space and 269 apartments consisting of 12 micro units, 24 studios, 64 one-bedroom,…

Memphis, TN (2,013)

The Regional Medical Center of Memphis (The MED) underwent an 82,000 square foot renovation of existing space thanks to NMTC financing from NDC, River…

Memphis, TN (2,008)

A new mixed-use building at the southeastern boundary of the Legends Park HOPE VI Revitalization Plan area in Memphis, TN….

Memphis, TN (2,006)

Court Square Center involved the renovation of two historically-significant buildings and the construction of the green, LEED gold certified “Court Annex 2” building to…

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