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Tax Staffer: PJ Austin, [email protected] (Updated: 02/22/2021)


The NMTC provides flexible, targeted assistance to the country’s neediest communities, helping improve and revitalize these communities through private capital markets.

-Jeff Arnold, Leverage Law Group, LLC (Leawood), Leawood, Kansas

We are using it to build a public college-prep charter boarding school in South LA on a site that has been abandoned since the civil unrest in 1992.

-Anita Landecker, ExED, Los Angeles, TX

We have a closed paper mill on the edge of town that is a NMTC census tract. This was once the economic engine of our region until the mill was closed in 2002. We need tax credits such as NMTC to encourage investment and help our community recover from the loss of this employer.

-James Coughlin, Camden County Joint Development Authority, Kingsland, Georgia

The NMTC means we are able to provide affordable housing those with the most need in a housing crisis impacting both renters and owners.

-Megan Orser, Director of Property Management, Smart Apartment Solutions, Ann Arbor, MI


District Highlights

NMTC Project Profiles (Inside the District)


Holland, MI

Tommy Car Wash Systems will expand its manufacturing capacity by constructing a new headquarters and manufacturing facility with $13…

North Highlands, CA

The Project consists of the development of a 20,000 sq. ft. relocation/expansion of Elica’s existing North Highlands Center….

Cincinnati, OH

The Keyer Row development consists of six contiguous properties located on Main Street in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood in the…

West Monroe, LA

A $2.75 million investment in West Monroe-based cookie dough and confectionary distributor, Neighbor’s Cookies….

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