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The NMTC was utilized to renovate the Downtown Youngstown YMCA in 2016. The facility opened in 1884 and the renovation was critical to keep the YMCA relevant in an area which is down economically, has issues with chronic diseases, health and wellness and is in trouble academically. The YMCA helps fill the gaps that are necessary for the health, safety and well-being of the kids and families in the City of Youngstown. Most downtown YMCA’s are closing, however, due to the 2016 renovation and the NMTC, the Downtown YMCA, in 2019, has had its best year in a very long time and is transforming lives in the Youngstown community. All Youngstown City School second graders are given free swim lessons at the Y. Just today, we reached an agreement to begin a middle school wrestling program at the Y for the Youngstown City School kids. The Downtown Y is the place where Potential Development Academy, a school for autistic children (over 250 kids), have a gym and swim program to fulfill their physical education requirement. I could go on and on about the impact of the Y on the community but want to let you know of our support to continue the NMTC.

-Thomas Gacse, President/CEO, YMCA of Youngstown, Youngstown, Ohio

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