Jim Cooper (D-TN05)

DC Phone: 202-225-4311

Tax Staffer: Jason Lumia, [email protected] (Updated: 07/28/2021)

With the cost escalating of both land and land development in the Greater Nashville area, NMTC has been a critical piece in helping home builders like Habitat for Humanity to continue offering affordable housing to working men and women in our community.

-Danny Herron, President and CEO, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville, .Tennessee

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NMTC Project Profiles (Inside the District)

Nashville, TN (2,020)

Renewal House is a long-term comprehensive addiction treatment center for both women and children in Nashville, TN. This expansion includes the new construction of…

Nashville, TN (2,019)

FFMC, is a non-profit medical center providing health, wellness and medical services to the working uninsured and other underserved people in Middle Tennessee. They…

Nashville, TN (2,018)

A vibrant educational K – 8 charter school in one of Nashville’s lowest income neighborhoods….

Nashville, TN (2,016)

The centerpiece of Plaza Mariachi on Nolensville Road is now open with many of the restaurants and small businesses now operating inside the main…

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