Tom Reed (R-NY23)

DC Phone: 202-225-3161

Tax Staffer: David Bridges, [email protected] (Updated: 04/29/2021)

Selected Stories from NY23


Olean, NY 

The First National Project will renovate the historic former headquarters of the 1915 First National Bank and adjoining and Siegel’s Shoes buildings located in…

Dunkirk, NY 

In March 2018, the Company entered into a financing transaction with an outside bank and community development agency related to the new mid-size bar…
The fit out and equipping of 17,000 square-feet of medical office space….

Jamestown, NY 

New national attraction generates laughs and investment in Jamestown, New York…

Hornell, NY 

A new YMCA replaced the facilities of the 100-year-old Hornell Family YMCA, which plays a central role in the life of Cornell…

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