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Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity participated in two NMTC transactions (2012 and 2018). The funds we received helped leverage millions of dollars of additional private investment to that we could build safe, affordable homes for low to moderate income families in some of Milwaukee’s most distressed neighborhoods. Without the NMTC we would be unable to serve as many hard working Milwaukee families who want to achieve the American dream of homeownership. Please support the extension of the NMTC for Robin, a single mom who became a Habitat homeowner because of the NMTC. For Robin, homeownership is going to mean finally having a safe, stable place where her three girls can call home. Their family is currently sharing a cramped two-bedroom apartment with Robin’s 80 year old grandmother in Milwaukee’s Northlawn housing development. Every time it rains, Robin says, the ceiling leaks right down into their home. Both Robin and her oldest daughter have asthma, which she said got worse when they moved into her grandma’s rental. “My grandma has been living there since we were little,” says Robin, “And over the years, the landlords won’t fix a thing, even though the rent keeps going up.” This and other experiences with neglectful landlords made Robin want a home of her own. She wanted to give her children a home with enough space for the whole family without having to worry about water streaming in every time it rained. Robin moved into her new Habitat home on October 31, 2019.

-Brian Sonderman, Executive Director, Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

District Highlights


In the district, the NMTC has financed 68 projects supporting manufacturing and industrial businesses totaling $479 million through 2020

Federally Qualified Health Centers

Through 2020, the NMTC has supported 9 FQHCs in the district.

NMTC Project Profiles (Inside the District)

Milwaukee, WI (2,020)

Finances the renovation/expansion of MYAC’s facility, a 97,520-square-foot facility opened in 2005 and used to provide performing arts and musical education to a diverse…

Milwaukee, WI (2,019)

The project is purchase of equipment for Palermos new hot press bakery process that produces pizza crusts….

Milwaukee, WI (2,019)

Construction of a 106,369 square foot educational facility on donated property. The school will relocate its high school campus to the new facility to…

Milwaukee, WI (2,017)

Construction of community center: The new 20,000-square-foot facility houses wellness and health programs; meals and nutrition programs; financial services; creative arts and recreation programs;…

Milwaukee, WI (2,017)

Acquire and construct new buildings for expanded space for school and childcare center….

Milwaukee, WI (2,017)

MEDC provides low cost, long-term, subordinate capital to operating businesses in the City of Milwaukee through the its NMTC Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) product….

Milwaukee, WI (2,015)

Vacant, contaminated site transformed into mixed-used development bringing hundreds of jobs to Milwaukee….

Milwaukee, WI (2,015)

Cermak is a Chicago-based supermarket chain that specializes in providing unique grocery stores in urban neighborhoods that offer to a variety of ethnic and…

Milwaukee, WI (2,015)

The project consisted of the initial phase of the redevelopment of a vacant 7.2 acre Brownfield Site at Greenfield Avenue and S. 1st Street…

Milwaukee, WI (2,014)

Milwaukee’s St. Ann’s Center for Intergenerational Care is copying its successful south side facility with a second location on the north side, where the…

Milwaukee, WI (2,013)

High poverty and low development have historically plagued the area surrounding the intersection of 27th Street and Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee. The development of…

Milwaukee, WI (2,013)

Working capital and tenant improvements for Jonco industries related to its expansion into the former Eaton building….

Milwaukee, WI (2,013)

Super Steel, LLC, formerly known as Super Steel Products Corporation (SSPC), has been in existence since 1923, providing contracted manufacturing services to customers in…

Milwaukee, WI (2,012)

Purchase and rehab of Dental Associates’ currently leased Milwaukee facility….

Glendale, WI (2,010)

The transformation of prior vacant underutilized industrial property in the Port Washington corridor of the Riverworks Industrial District….

Milwaukee, WI (2,009)

Financing for an educational non-profit business venture known as Discovery World….

Milwaukee, WI (2,006)

Brownfield redevelopment for industrial use and office developement for a distrubution company….

NMTC Project Profiles (Nearby the District)

West Allis, WI (2,016)

Developer Wangard Partners had some fun naming their acquisition, construction, and leasing of two industrial buildings encompassing a site of approximately 170,000 square feet…

West Allis, WI (2,004)

The Summit Place project called for the adaptive reuse of century-old buildings near Milwaukee in which the Allis Chalmers Manufacturing Company originally built tractors….

West Allis, WI (2,010)

The transofmration of a former warehouse and storage building into an architectural space containing new high quality offices along with ancillary retail and warehouse…

West Allis, WI (2,019)

Rehabilitation of office buildings in West Allis, WI….

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