Alan Lange, MuniStrategies, LLC, Jackson, Mississippi

Our CDE service area is in the heart of American poverty in the rural South. Everyday, we see the impacts that building businesses with lasting impact in low income communities have on these areas with the most need. NMTC is a program that works for rural America.

Montfort Jones Memorial Hospital

The renovation and expansion of the Montfort Jones Memorial Hospital which provides critical healthcare services to an extremely rural, medically underserved population in Mississippi.

Field Health System

Through partnerships with banks from inside and outside of the region, HOPE was able to use the NMTC Program to finance the construction of a new facility in a community where 4 out of 10 families live in poverty.

Project Everest

Multi-Tenant Education and Technology Innovation Hub that expands coding-education and workforce training opportunities for an underserved diverse population in rural Mississippi.

Empire and Stribling Winona

Construction of a new, state-of-the-art heavy truck dealership which will offer sales and support for new, used, rental and leased heavy-duty trucks and equipment.

Express Grain Terminals Greenwood

NMTCs financed the expansion of a soybean processing facility, which includes additional equipment purchases and operating cash to support grain procurement.