Hot Mama’s

Springfield, Massachusetts has seen more than its share of hard times. The condition of the City’s finances required intervention by the state. Unemployment is high and a number of neighborhoods in the city have high levels of economic distress. Springfield was a community ripe to benefit from a New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) project. Lansal, […]

Green Zebra

Green Zebra, a startup grocer aspiring to offer low-income areas a mini-grocery store that focuses on fresh, high-quality food, was in need of long-term, patient equity to open and operate its first location in Portland, Oregon. Dispelling the notion that healthy food isn’t convenient and convenient food isn’t healthy, Green Zebra is on a mission […]

V&S Plumbing

Small business financing for a family-owned general contractor to purchase a building for its office and warehouse space.

Super Mario Ice Cream

A Small Business Fund loan to a small ice cream distributor, which enabled him to purchase the office/warehouse space that he was leasing.