Heartland AG Systems

River Gorge Capital used NMTC financing to provide working capital and to purchase inventory to facilitate growth of Heartland Ag’s operations at a new wholesale facility. Heartland Ag services and sells agricultural equipment.

Center for Food Education

Scheduled to open in fall 2021, the multi-use facility will anchor Jones ValleyTeaching Farm and create an inviting permanent infrastructure that will reach more students, teachers, and surrounding community members—locally, regionally, and nationally.

Express Grain Terminals Greenwood

Express Grain Terminals, LLC is an agricultural product processor headquartered in Greenwood, Mississippi. NMTCs financed the expansion of their soybean processing facility, which includes additional equipment purchases and operating cash to support grain procurement. The purchase of additional equipment will increase production capacity – doubling the processing capacity to 20 million bushels of production per […]

Baltimore Food Hub

Baltimore Food Hub is a food incubator hub in a severely distressed area of East Baltimore.

South Dakota Wheat Growers Coop

Rural Development Partners NMTC alocation to provide a $14.25 million loan to fill a financial gap and make the Cresbard project the first large-scale project the community has seen in over a decade.

Washington Forestry-Olympic Range Tree Farm

NMTCs financing was necessary for a group of investors wanting to purchase 80,000 acres of forest land in the Olympic Peninsula to restore areas that had been over-harvested, and reverse environmental damage that had previously been done.

Bongards Creameries

The Great Recession saw loss of factories and jobs in and around Humboldt, with more than a fifth of the residents living below the poverty line. In 2010, Bongards purchased a plant in Humboldt, transforming it into a natural processed cheese operation to support the growing demand for its products. In 2017, Bongards obtained NMTCs […]

Meister Cheese Company

Meister Cheese Company, widely known for their ability to source cheese with special characteristics including use of only BGH-free milk from pasture-raised cows, and an established “Animal Friendly Family Farm” is known for providing their customers “food with integrity”. Their sister company, Muscoda Protein Products (MPP), produces whey protein concentrate and lactose provided from Meister […]

White Mountain Apache Timber

The last large sawmill in northern Arizona, one of the tribe’s largest employers, and a significant part of the wood industry shut operations down in 2010. The tribe later engaged two of the timber industry’s top consultants who revamped their business plan, leveraging NMTCs to upgrade the mill with new technological equipment, establish a working […]


NMTCs were leveraged to build two identical 21 MW biomass generation facilities which will convert wood pulp and debris into electricity for use throughout South Carolina. Both facilities use biomass from logging residues, timber thinnings, and urban wood waste as its primary fuel source supplied from an estimated 40-mile radius from each site. Each facility […]

Aerofarms/Makers Village

AeroFarms, a mission-driven company, developed a 69,000 square-foot industrial site into the world’s largest indoor vertical farm for baby leafy greens, producing up to 2 million pounds annually. AeroFarms has a patented aeroponic process that produces greens all year long, without pesticides, sun, soil or washing, setting a new standard for culinary freshness and flavor. […]

Westervelt Lumber

The $191.6 million facility will produce approximately 250 million board feet of pine lumber annually|taking advantage of the company’s nearby timberland and other facilities. The new mill created 125 permanent full-time jobs in a census tract with an unemployment rate of 21.8% and poverty rate of 20.5%. Workers earn over 267% of the average living […]

Columbia Pulp

The Second tranche of financing for the construction of new wheat straw to paper pulp manufacturing facility.

Louisiana Forestlands

Louisiana is a national leader in the forestry industry, employing more than 17,000 people in wood manufacturing. Hurricane Katrina had severe repercussions; a financial downturn forced businesses to sell out. The Forestland Group utilized NMTCs to complete the purchase of 82,000 acres of hardwood forests in Louisiana, in addition to a hardwood sawmill and processing […]

Second Street Youth Center

Early childhood educational and community center expands educational opportunities for Plainfield children.

Highland Pellets

Construction of a biomass pellet facility. 30% of workforce to be filled by prisoner return to work employees through second chance program.