Waterfront Rescue Mission

With a $7.5 million investment from SCC, the Waterfront Rescue Mission undertook a major expansion project. The Mission is a provider of housing and social services for the homeless. The new facility almost doubled bed capacity from 62 to 120 and greatly increased access to job training, healthcare, and educational programs for over 3,000 low-income […]

Youth & Shelter Services

The project is the renovation of the YSS Francis Lauer’s 31,000 square foot building located in Mason City, Iowa. A number of programs are offered at the center, including behavioral and mental health services, family crisis assistance, community services, foster care resources and adolescent residential addiction treatment. The renovation creates a welcoming and modern environment, […]

Mesquite Library

The Mesquite Library underwent an extensive facilities expansion and technology revitalization thanks to $10 million of NMTCs from Clearinghouse CDFI. Construction of a new Mesquite Library Branch and renovation of the existing facility into an auxiliary learning center created a city hub for learning, careers, and community events. Now complete, the Mesquite Library offers free […]

920 Cherry Street

The 920 Cherry Street project was a part of a comprehensive redevelopment of a three-acre site located at the intersection of Cherry Street, SE and Cherry Drive SE in the City of Grand Rapids. The redevelopment plan consisted of the development and construction of 37 for sale housing units, 5,000 square feet of commercial space […]

Serve Denton Center

Renovation of a building to house community and office space for non-profit partners and new construction for a community food center. Also includes HSNT – LOOP 288, Operated by Health Services of North Texas , Inc. (FQHC)

Northend Community Center

Northend Community Center, a to-be-constructed, multi-facility, faith-based community center campus located in Lafayette, Indiana. In addition to reviving a blighted six-acre parcel, the new 97,000-square-foot campus provides operating space across three-structures for 11 community partners which offer programs and services for at-risk and underserved populations in and around north Lafayette. – Economic Development and CEDEs […]

Civic Works The Clifton Mansion

non profit space and offices: Clifton Mansion serves as the headquarters for Civic Works’ community service programs and as an important resource for the neighborhoods surrounding Clifton Park. For over 200 years, Clifton Mansion has anchored the Clifton Park communities. Now care of the Mansion is stewarded through Civic Works, with large scale restoration work […]

Ferguson Empowerment Center

Multi-nonprofit community empowerment center on the site of the vandalized QuikTrip during the Ferguson unrest, which is expected to serve thousands of LIPs annually through job training/placement, financial literacy, and other empowerment programs. Also Salvation Army owns a portion of this project as they invested in it.

Lawndale Christian Health Center

LCHC used $24 million NMTC investment to build a 65,000 square foot Health and Fitness Center in the North Lawndale community. The Center addresses North Lawndale’s immediate and long-term health care needs by providing 32 more exam rooms, 15 dental chairs, and 7,000 medical visits per year. Furthermore, the facility sees 200,000 wellness visits per […]