United Teen Equality Center (Project #1)

Cafe UTEC: UTEC is a youth education and workforce training program located in Lowell, MA. To update its facilities and meet its growing needs, UTEC renovated and expanded its building to include a renovated cafe and commercial kitchen, a performance center, and classrooms. The building’s energy-saving design features, including a natural ventilation system that incorporates […]

Resurrection University

Resurrection University trains students for careers in nursing and allied health care professions. Due to a divestment of hospital assets by RHCC, Resurrection University needed to move from its location in Oak Park. Res U explored multiple locations in the Chicago suburbs as well as the RHCC-owned Saint Elizabeth Hospital in Humboldt Park. The total […]

BGCCI – Drake

Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Iowa provides a safe, supportive place, structured programs and caring staff. They work to have kids graduate high school on time with a plan for their great futures. The club on Drake University’s campus will complete a new central path to reach more students. BGCCI’s First family club will […]

Lake Mead Christian Academy

Clearinghouse CDFI provided long-term financing for rehabilitation of the school, which provides infant day-care services and schooling for grades K-12. Lake Mead Christian Academy currently serves 610 students and carries a higher graduation rate than the overall state.

MRM North Campus

Acquire and construct new buildings for expanded space for school and childcare center.

Essex Crossing

Essex Crossing includes 1,000 residential for-sale and rental units, a 15,000 sf public park, a 10,000 sf rooftop urban farm and 1.9 million square feet of residential, commercial, and community space.

Math and Science Prep

The Math and Science College Prep (MSCP) High School facility at 3200 Adams Blvd. was financed with ExED and LIIF NMTCs in May 2016, provides 550 permanent charter school seats in the West Adams neighborhood of South Los Angeles. MSCP provides students with a high quality secondary education, focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math […]

KIPP High School

The renovation of a 110,000 square foot building, which includes 75,000 square feet for a KIPP High School high school, 25,000 square feet for KIPP St. Louis (KSL) regional offices, and 10,000 square feet of collaboration space for use by KSL and local non-profit partners.