Minnewaukan Public School

The Minnewaukan Public School District No. 5 needed to relocate its school building because it was continuously threatened by the rising water levels of the adjacent Devils Lake in Minnewaukan, ND. The previous building also did not meet the school’s needs for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. More than 90 percent of students are […]

Chester Charter School for the Arts

Chester Charter School for the Arts (“CCSA”) previously operated out of a modified warehouse building and had students enrolled from kindergarten to 10th grade. The space presented significant limitations and due to its prior use as a warehouse, the interior layout did not adequately address the proper needs of a permanent school environment. Additionally, the […]

Cristo Rey Dallas High school

Founded in Chicago in 2001 by Father John P. Foley, S.J., the Cristo Rey network is the largest network of high schools in the US whose enrollment is limited to low-income youth.  Cristo Rey employs an innovative business model, wherein students work five days each month in entry-level jobs at local professional companies, with the […]

Criso Rey Dallas College Prep

The project includes the Innovation Center as part of Phase II in the construction and equipping of a new 41,000-sf facility that encompasses an upgraded arts space, new cultural art center, social work/counseling department, kitchen and dining space, corporate work study center and a gymnasium and soccer field on the property. Program offered will provide […]

Jones County School

The construction of a new K-12 public school for the public school district of Jones County, North Carolina. The Jones County School District (JCSD) is constructing a new K-12 public school located in rural Trenton, NC. The JCSD serves approximately 720 students, 79% of whom received free or reduced lunch and 57% of whom are […]

Charter School of the Dunes

Charter School of the Dunes (CSOD) will constructed a new 50, 000 square foot facility to house its expanding student population and better serve and educate low-income students in the Gary, Indiana area. Its previous facility and new school site are located in the Miller neighborhood on the east side of Gary, a former industrial […]