Mt. Poso Cogeneration Company

​Facing closure and a major loss of jobs, the Mt. Poso facility converted a formerly shuttered coal fired power plant to utilizing biomass fuel derived from waste wood. Mt. Poso’s primary biomass fuel sources include agricultural waste in the form of orchard removals, orchard prunings, shells, and pits; and urban wood waste including tree trimmings, […]

Pueblo of Laguna Wastewater System

NMTC financing helped Pueblo of Laguna Utility Authority complete the rehabilitation of the water and wastewater system throughout the tribal lands of Pueblo of Laguna, N.M. The previous water system, which supported six villages, suffered from recurring system failures. The 4Points Laguna project promises to enhance the water and waste water systems by providing 60 […]

Martinsville Clean Energy Plant

The Martinsville Clean Energy project successfully combined Investment Tax Credits and New Markets Tax Credits for the design, construction and installation of state-of-the-art clean energy generation technology into an anaerobic digestion facility in rural Martinsville, Virginia. The installation of the new technology allows the facility to process food waste (which could not be processed by […]

Coyote Valley Hotel and Wastewater

The new Coyote Valley Hotel will be 55,000 square feet and will have 101 guest rooms. It is located along US Highway 101, a major commercial artery bringing customers through the region for business, tourism and gaming purposes. The tribe is also increasing wastewater capacity and building safer highway access to the reservation.

Hamtramck Recycling

Hamtramck Recycling LLC is a family owned green recycling business located in Hamtramck, Michigan, which currently employs 11 people. In 2012, Hamtramck Recycling encountered increased demand from local manufacturers interested in recycling their waste, rather than depositing it in landfills. To accommodate the increased demand and increase capacity, Hamtramck sought to purchase and renovate an […]

Friedman Recycling

In 2011, the City of Albuquerque’s recycling program was limited by the capacity of the antiquated processing plant that recycled only 5-6% of the city’s waste and was being overwhelmed as recycling participation rates shot up. Annually, the program was costing the City of Albuquerque $1.2 million. Friedman Recycling entered into a 12-year single-stream recycling […]

Kalispel Tribe Wastewater Treatment and Buffalo Preserve

The new facility provides immediate cost savings and prevents emergency overflows and environmental contamination. Additionally, with the modern facility in place, the Tribe can continue the growth and development of the Tribal facilities and services, including the additional housing, healthcare and daycare facilities, and a site for historical and cultural artifacts.


Recleim developed the U.S.’s first state-of-the-art appliance recycling facility. Recleim is located in the small town of Graniteville, SC, which was devastated by a 2005 train derailment. The derailment resulted in 9 fatalities, 60 serious injuries, and bankruptcy of the town’s primary employer, leading to a loss of 1,500 local jobs. Graniteville was still trying […]