Project Type: Small Businesses


Springfield, MA 

Springfield, Massachusetts has seen more than its share of hard times. The condition of the City’s finances required intervention by the state. Unemployment is…

Portland, OR 

Green Zebra, a startup grocer aspiring to offer low-income areas a mini-grocery store that focuses on fresh, high-quality food, was in need of long-term,…

North Hollywood, CA 

Small business financing for a family-owned general contractor to purchase a building for its office and warehouse space….

Indio, CA 

A Small Business Fund loan to a small ice cream distributor, which enabled him to purchase the office/warehouse space that he was leasing….

Cleveland, OH 

Broadband expansion for customers near Conneaut, Ohio….
The NMTC provided small business financing for two businesses in Citrus Heights ($262,000) and Sacramento ($97,000), CA….