Aker BioMarine (2013)

Houston, TX


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NMTC Amount: $27,480,000

Est. Total Project Cost: $35,188,106


Aker BioMarine, a Norwegian biotechnology firm, is partnering with the French nutraceutical firm, Naturex Inc., to convert a vacant Dryer’s Grand Ice Cream facility into a biomarine manufacturing plant which extracts omega-3 from krill fish for human consumption. Aker has developed a unique and sustainable krill harvesting method which eliminates by-catch products and minimizes the impact on the ecosystem. The new facility allows the expansion of krill-derived products, such as krill oil, into the North American market. The Dryer’s plant was closed in the spring of 2010, displacing 168 manufacturing and distribution employees within the community. The project creates 50 new permanent jobs in an area of Houston, TX with 19.2% poverty and 14.2% unemployment.

Project Map

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