Americana YMCA (2012)

Zachary, LA

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The Americana YMCA project was the construction of a 26,000 square foot community facility, with expansion capability of another 18,000 square feet, by the YMCA in Zachary, Louisiana. As a targeted population transaction, the project has created jobs, with at least 40% filled by residents of low-income households. The facility includes fitness space, a nursery, an outdoor pool and tennis court area and a 4,000 square foot community center. In addition to jobs, the project also provided needed community services through programs such as: the Black Achievers program, Healthy Kids Day program, childcare programs, before and after school care, youth sports, free health and wellness seminars, community health fairs, free meals to school-age children, the Homeless Outreach program and financial scholarships to people in need through the Changing Lives Campaign. The facility capacity is 650 average daily users.

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