Big Brothers Big Sisters – Kranzberg Arts Center (2007)

Saint Louis, MO


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NMTC Amount: $11,346,240

Est. Total Project Cost: $14,500,000


St. Louis – Grand Center – Nonprofit HQ – Office space and art facility: The Kranzberg Arts Center, a non-profit organization located in Grand Center, hosts a variety of creative endeavors. From exhibits to theater productions and music performances of all kinds, the schizophrenic calendar contains a plethora of options for the curious art lover to enjoy in its spaces. Sounds from the Kranzberg’s stage varies from night-to-night, featuring everything from jazz and indie rock to hip-hop and experimental improvisation. The intimate studio setting helps visitors feel like a part of the experience rather than just an onlooker at show. The $13.9 million Big Brothers Big Sisters Building, formerly a Woolworth store, was McCormack Baron Salazar’s first non-residential development that used a combination of historic and New Markets tax credits.

Project Map