Brown Packing (2018)

Gaffney, SC

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Brown Packing Co., Inc. is a third-generation, family owned meat packing business in non-metropolitan Cherokee County. The company has grown to 371 full-time employees, 80 percent of which are minorities. It is the second largest employer in the county. Brown Packing provides one of the few entry level job opportunities in the area for low-skilled workers to obtain full-time employment without basic reading or English language skills in an area with a large migrant farming population. The project will involve the construction or renovation of 66,500 square feet of their 150,000-sq.-ft. facility in Gaffney. The project increases production and completely upgrade the company’s facility to meet evolving industry standards, with best in class equipment and technology. The improvements also includes new cooling systems, a new wastewater treatment system, and updated locker rooms and employee wellness facilities for both genders. The expansion is expected to create an additional 25 permanent direct jobs in an Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) Distressed area.

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