Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare

Project Type(s): Community and Youth and Families

Project Year: 2013

CDE(s): Chase and M&I New Markets Fund

NMTC amount: $9,790,000

Total Project Costs: $10,922,577

High poverty and low development have historically plagued the area surrounding the intersection of 27th Street and Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee. The development of the vacant lot located at this intersection into the Department of Children and Families new Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare (BMCW) facility has been instrumental in the transformation of this community.

The new BMCW facility will consolidate services into one central location while also expanding services for families in need. It anticipates that each year over 5,000 children will benefit from BMCW’s assistance. The creation of 40 new full time and 20 part time
positions are also crucial for the neighborhood’s transformation.

The project is also fully supported by the local neighborhood and the City of Milwaukee, which is providing the land for a sales price of $1.00.

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Address: 2601 West Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, WI