Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention (2016)

Gainesville, FL


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NMTC Amount: $10,000,000

Est. Total Project Cost: $11,668,614


The Cade Museum, which formerly operated from a small building near downtown Gainesville, has built a new facility using NMTC financing. The new Cade Museum is the anchor in the redevelopment of local Depot Park, and through a 21,000 sq-ft building provides services annually to 6,000+, with a focus on area low-income youth through targeted education programs and mentoring.

Voices from the Community

Without the NMTC program, we would not have been able to complete the last mile of funding for building the Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention. The investment not only resulted in an award winning architectural masterpiece, it also resulted in a complete transformation of a blighted, dangerous and heavily contaminated parcel of land into Gainesville’s crown jewel. A forgotten crossroads is now one of the most popular and beautiful destinations in Gainesville.

-Richard Miles, Co-founder, Cade Museum for Creativity and Invention, Gainesville, FL Tweet This

Project Map