Georgia Food Processing Facility

Project Type(s): Community, Food Banks, and Warehouse and Wholesale

Project Year: 2014

CDE(s): Consortium America, Enterprise Community Partners, The Valued Advisor Fund, United Fund Advisors, and Urban Action

NMTC amount: $46,006,000

Total Project Costs: $49,491,583

The intersection at Fremont Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Notheast Portland had long been the site of criminal activity and a long-vacant corner market. The location was identified by the City's redevelopment agency as a potential gateway to the King neighborhood and the rapidly-changing Albina area.
The Fremont Building, completed in 2007 by local minority developers, incorporates 9,500 SF of ground floor restaurant and retail, upper-floor office space, and parking.

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Address: 4322 Moreland Avenue, Conley, GA