Commonwealth Crossing Business Centre

Project Type(s): Incubator and Manufacturing

Project Year: 2017

CDE(s): People Incorporated Financial Services, SunTrust, and The Innovate Fund

NMTC amount: $13,000,000

Total Project Costs: $14,280,222

Commonwealth Crossing Business Centre (CCBC) is a modern business and technology park designed to attract major manufacturers with the potential to add value to the local economy and create thousands of new jobs. A key component of securing business investment is ensuring that the Henry County region has an ample supply of skilled labor. Target industries such as food processing operate in highly sterile environments with stringent procedures that employees must know and follow. Likewise, other target industries, such as pulp and paper, plastics and rubber, need workers to manage advanced supply chain logistics and understand how to program and troubleshoot automated assembly lines. Local officials knew that no matter how robust CCBC’s infrastructure and other assets may be, unless they could guarantee a skilled workforce, their efforts to attract major manufacturing investment would fall short.

Project Map:

Address: 870 Commonwealth Crossing parkway, Ridgeway, VA