Ft. Worth, TX (2012)

Cook Children’s Health Care System

Financing for Cook Children's, a non-profit children's health care system located in a highly distressed area.


  • NMTC Amount: $32,390,000
  • Total Project Cost: $40,841,918


  • 60 FTE jobs
  • 249 construction jobs
  • 14,600 patients served
  • 120,000 sq. ft. of real estate


Project Description

Cook Children’s is a nonprofit children’s health care system located in a highly distressed area in downtown Ft. Worth, TX. Cook Children’s Health Care System provides pediatric-specific services to all children along their entire continuum of health and medical care, cinluding primary, specialty, hospital, home health, and government health insurance program beneficiary managed care. This includes mental health and a special initiative to serve the needs of our homeless children and their families. This financing expands medical care for children and residents of LICs. Cook Children’s centralizes all non-direct patient care staff and is a significant financial driver for the organization creating efficiencies and return for the entire healthcare system.

This project created approximately 60 permanent jobs along with 249 full-time equivalent construction jobs. Cook Children’s retained and relocated 371 employees from a non-qualifying location to a qualifying highly distressed LIC. A portion of the 120,000 sq. ft. facility was made available as needed to various community groups and coalitions with a children’s health focus. Cook Children’s is the only pediatric hospital in Fort Worth. Although there is a considerable amount of hospital, clinical, and physician office space in the area, there is not a significant amount of general office space. For example, to make room for the expansion of Cook Children’s Medical Center in 2008, the roughly 400 employees had to be relocated to one of four separate buildings outside this low-income area. This development created space and the opportunity to bring all of these staff members back into the LIC area, benefitting the restaurants, shops, and businesses in the area.


Address: 1500 West Rosedale, Ft. Worth, TX 76104

Census Tract: 48439123400

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