Discovery World

Project Type(s): Arts, Community, and Theaters

Project Year: 2009

CDE(s): First-Ring Industrial Redevelopment Enterprise

NMTC amount: $8,820,000

Total Project Costs: $8,820,000

The project is the refinance of the operating educational non-profit business venture known as Discovery World. Discovery World Ltd. was created through a merger of Discovery World and Pier Wisconsin in 2004. A function of the merger was the creation of state-of the art science educational facilities with an emphasis on marine based science along the Pier in Milwaukee. The newly constructed facility brings together a comprehensive line of programs in physics, engineering, general science and chemistry along with interactive learning opportunities such as public education programs, “hands-on†exhibits, and curriculum based labs and workshops, interactive digital theaters and a live performance theater.

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Address: 500 North Harbor Drive, Milwaukee, WI