Duracolor (2,008)

Racine, WI


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NMTC Amount: $7,350,000.00

Est. Total Project Cost: $7,500,000.00

This project is a refinance and business expansion request. The principals of Duracolor took over the failing graphics company in 2004. They were able to preserve a substantial number of well paying positions in the community. Over the last three years the management had been able to stabilize the company and bring it to the point where it is ready to grow. Duracolor is prepared to expand. To do this however, they need to put capital improvements into their current space and to purchase equipment that allows them to be efficient enough to add staff without having to go to a third shift. They expect to double their employment needs. As a part of this they also need to tap into local training opportunities — allowing them to tap community residents for these new positions which pay a true living wage (on average $15 per hour).

Project Map

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