Marietta, OH (2022)

East Muskingum Civic Association



  • NMTC Amount: $1,420,000
  • Total Project Cost: $1,420,000


  • 2 FTE jobs
  • 5 construction jobs
  • The project also retains a total of 5 existing jobs.
  • 70,460 sq. ft. of real estate



Project Description

The purchase and renovation of the building located at 1100 Green Street, Marietta, OH. This building will be renovated speculatively with the anticipation of light manufacturing and industrial tenants. The 70k square foot building is adaptable to a number of situations and can be leased to a single tenant, or multiple. The borrower’s construction company will initially occupy much of the building, but that tenancy is temporary until other tenants are acquired. The borrower’s aim in the redevelopment and redesign of this project is to create and implement a site plan that, by way of attracting a symbiotic mix of tenants, generates positive, sustainable Social, Human, Economic, and Environmental outcomes. Their property management and development track record is steeped in this regard; for almost four decades now, they have dedicated their efforts to development, preservation and positive outcomes for the local community at large. They fully intend to continue on this path for this and future projects.


Address: 1100 Green Street, Marietta, OH 45750

Census Tract:

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