GRUMA Grand Prairie, LLC (2019)

Grand Parairie, TX


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NMTC Amount: $29,150,000

Est. Total Project Cost: $36,188,494


This transaction will finance the purchase and installation of equipment used to create six production lines at GRUMA Corporation’s Grand Prairie, TX manufacturing facility. This facility produces corn and flour tortillas, related products such as corn chips and flatbreads and corn mesa flour. – This is Phase 2 of multi-year plant expansion effort. The Project included the construction of 5 additional lines that will consolidate and streamline GRUMA’s presence in Texas. This will be GRUMA’s largest plant & includes expansive training rooms, an employee cafeteria, a research and development center, multiple lab and testing areas for quality control. + The Project consists of construction of three additional production lines, line expansions, new distribution, and the purchase of shipping and material handling equipment for food manufacturing facility. GRUMA Corporation’s main operations are production of corn and flour tortillas in the United States and Mexico. The majority of the newly created job positions are expected to be staffed by minorities.

Project Map

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