Jackson Schools/Healthy Community Education Partners

Jackson, TN (2020)

A public-private partnership improves education in Jackson, TN.


Project Description

CAHEC, River Gorge Capital, and Truist used the NMTC to orchestrate a public-private partnership between the City of Jackson, Madison County, Madison County Public Schools, Jackson Community Redevelopment Agency, and Healthy Community, LLC to improve education in Jackson, TN.

NMTC financing supported the following:

  1. Jackson Central Merry Middle/High School (JCM) – Renovation and reopening of a school built in 1957 that closed in 2016 due to underperformance and poor condition. JCM serves 800 students with 93% minorities and 90% are expected to be low-income. Students have access to two district programs focusing on career training and work experience as well as the opportunity to earn an AA while in high school. Reopening the neighborhood school allows for greater parental involvement, reduce busing, and alleviate crowding at other schools.
  2. Madison Academic Magnet High School (MAM) – Previously located in the oldest building in the school system (1928), the MAM component of this project is the new construction and relocation of an academic magnet school to the University of Memphis Lambuth campus. MAM serves 600 students (an increase of 132 students) and 25% of seats are reserved for students within 1.5 miles of the school (highly distressed LICs). 57% of students are expected to be minorities.



Youth and Families