Suffolk, VA (2007)

Jones Building Rehab


  • NMTC Amount: $2,120,000
  • Total Project Cost: $3,744,000


  • 21 FTE jobs
  • 64 construction jobs



Project Description

The Jones Building in Suffolk, VA originally housed four retail bays and a movie theater on the ground floor. A fire in the mid-1980’s nearly destroyed the building. The movie theater was burned to the ground, and made way for a surface parking lot behind the building. The theater lobby, which had been the central bay in the series of retail spaces, was opened to create a walkway through to the parking area. Fragments of the historic marquee remained, but were clad in vinyl and aluminum. The upper floors were converted to efficiency apartments and the building was deteriorating rapidly.

New owners acquired the building and undertook a complete restoration. The original theater lobby bay was reintroduced, the marquee reconstructed based on historic photographs, and the upper floor apartments were converted into luxury units. The first floor now houses five related retail and office suites, and the building continues to contribute to the character of the historic district.


Address: 167 North Main Street, Suffolk, VA 23434

Census Tract: 51800065300

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