Madam Walker Legacy Center (2020)

Indianapolis, IN


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NMTC Amount: $10,000,000

Est. Total Project Cost: $15,000,000


Indy CDE financed the restoration and update of the historic 40,000 square foot building that once housed the Madam C.J. Walker Manufacturing Company with a $10 million NMTC loan. The Madam Walker Legacy Center is an integral part of the community, which preserves Madam CJ Walker’s legacy by providing cultural education, promoting social justice, and empowering young people to become entrepreneurs and civic leaders. The building will also serve as the home office for certain administrative functions of IUPUI, a neighboring university that has supported the renovation of the building and its continued operation as an important part of the Indianapolis landscape. This project renovated the facility from top to bottom by updating and replacing older mechanical systems, improving lighting, refurbishing carpeting, seats, other furniture, and many other improvements. New classrooms, a conference area, seminar rooms, and a dedicated community space increase the Center’s capacity to serve the community. These updates transformed the theatre into a valuable contemporary asset for the Indianapolis community while maintaining its historic character.

Project Map