Moses Lake Community Health Center (2013)

Quincy, WA

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Moses Lake Community Health Center (MLCHC) is a federally qualified Migrant and Community Health Center providing out-patient medical, dental, pharmacy, outreach, WIC and Maternity support services primarily to low-income residents of Grant County Washington. MLCHC’ is a non-profit, mission-driven entity that is focused on providing high quality comprehensive primary health services for the entire family, with a special focus on underserved and migrant farm working in the community. MLCHC provides these services at two locations, Moses Lake and Quincy, WA. The services being provided at the Quincy location are housed in a modular facility and two separate trailers on a parcel of land. The structure is inefficient and does not allow for growth and restrains the services that MLCHC can provide. The project involved the construction of a new 22,387 square foot facility that consolidated and expanded the existing medical/dental functions now offered in the separate buildings/trailers.

The new building houses 24 medical exam rooms and 1 procedure room as well as 7 dental operatories. The project represents an 8,900 square foot expansion over the current facility and will substantially increase the efficiency and productivity of MLCHC at its Quincy location; allowing the clinic to go from 8,940 patients and 31,321 visits in 2012 to an estimated 41,525 visits from 11,848 patients at the new clinic. As a federally qualified health center (FQHC), MLCHC’s Quincy clinic provides 80.5% of its services to low-income persons within Grant County, WA. In addition, this federally qualified migrant health service has historically provided roughly 34.6% of its services to migrant laborers. MLCHC’s Quincy facility is critical to providing these individuals access to health-care.

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