Bronx, NY (2015)

Muller Residential Job Training Center



  • NMTC Amount: $30,260,000
  • Total Project Cost: $30,260,000


  • 75 FTE jobs
  • 40 construction jobs


Project Description

Redevelopment of Army Reserve Center for use as a 200-bed residential job training facility for the homelessTransitional Housing Job Training Facility for Homeless. The Muller Residential Job Training Facility is a $15.5 million dollar tax-credit project that will provide housing and support for the homeless by the Doe Fund. The Doe Fund is a New York nonprofit organization whose mission is to develop holistic programs to break the cycles of homelessness, addiction and criminal recidivism.

The development of the residential job training center is situated at a former Bronx Army Reserve center. The 55,000 square foot facility will help and serve 200 homeless individuals at any given time by providing them with education and occupational training, group counseling, job placement and transitional work and housing.

Funding sources for this project include $9.5 million NMTC financing provided by Citibank NMTC Corp, along with $6 million of NMTC allocation provided by DV Community Investment LLC. Citibank also provided $4.8 million of NMTC equity, a $10.7 million leverage loan, and a $4.9 million direct loan to the project.


Address: 4449 Bronx Boulevard, Bronx, NY 10470

Census Tract: 36005041400

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