Council Bluffs, (2007)

Nonpareil Building Restoration

NMTC financing restored a 1920’s newspaper building to a new economic use.


  • NMTC Amount: $2,352,353
  • Total Project Cost: $2,782,844


  • 15 FTE jobs
  • 78 construction jobs
  • Rehabilitation of a vacant or under-utilized historic structure.


Project Description

By 2007, the historic downtown of Council Bluffs, like many of its counterparts throughout the Midwest, had seen an economic decline that threatened the survival of its rich architectural heritage. The high cost of renovating vacant buildings could not be supported by the lower rents in that market, so NMTC financing was necessary to restore this 1920’s newspaper building to a new economic use.


Address: 117 Pearl Street, Council Bluffs, 51503

Census Tract: 19155030900

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