Ohio Basic Minerals (2009)

Jackson, OH

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NMTC Amount: $2,450,000

Total Project Cost: $8,950,000


Southern Ohio’s rural Jackson County is known for picturesque views of the Appalachian foothills and warm, hospitable people. The region is home to several manufacturing companies that utilize Jackson’s abundant natural resources, wealth of skilled workers and low transportation costs. However, in today’s rocky economy, small businesses need TLC to continue to grow and flourish. Ohio Basic Minerals (OBM) saw a chance to nourish and revitalize Schrader & Son Sand and Gravel, a small Jackson family-owned recreational sand and gravel plant, and to chip into a gold mine of potential in an adjacent silica sand quarry. This would enable the company to increase its product offerings, expand to several new industries, reach more customers and bring more jobs and income to Jackson. However, In order to begin producing large quantities of silica products, the plant required expansion. The NMTC financed its expansion.

Project Map

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