Dallas, TX (2010)

Old Parkland Hospital Campus Phase 2


  • NMTC Amount: $13,550,000
  • Total Project Cost: $20,321,926


  • 42 FTE jobs
  • 152 construction jobs
  • Rehabilitation of a vacant or under-utilized historic structure.


Project Description

NMTC financing supported renovation of vacant hospital campus into boutique office space, dinning hall and coffee shop.

Details: The Old Parkland lands stood vacant for years at Maple and Oak Lawn Avenues before Crow Holdings restored the historic hospital campus into a significant landmark in 2009. This project expanded the Old Parkland campus across Maple Avenue to fill the block bounded by Maple, Fairmount, Reagan, and Throckmorton. 

Previously, the parcels totaled 111,220 square feet (or 2.56 acres). At their existing FAR, that would result in buildings totaling of roughly 211,318 square feet. At 4:1 FAR, this more than doubles to 445,320 square feet of buildings.



Address: 3819 Maple Avenue, Dallas, TX 75219

Census Tract: 48113000500

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