Memphis, TN (2017)



PeroxyChem Installs Largest Peracetic Acid Wastewater Disinfection System in the World


  • NMTC Amount: $18,400,000
  • Total Project Cost: $19,162,738


  • 36 FTE jobs
  • 96 construction jobs


Project Description

PeroxyChem constructed a manufacturing facility in Memphis, TN to produce an innovative peracetic acid based wastewater treatment product called VigorOx WWT II for the city of Memphis and surrounding communities. PeroxyChem’s flagship large scale facility produces an innovative peracetic-acid based wastewater treatment product, VigorOx WWT II, for the city of Memphis and surrounding communities.

VigorOX replaced chlorine gas, a common wastewater treatment chemical which is highly toxic to both humans and aquatic life. This cost-effective solution can help cash-strapped cities across the nation that are struggling with the need to replace chlorination systems.


Address: 2303 North Second Street, Memphis, TN 38127

Census Tract: 47157009901

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