Pinelands (2012)

Allendale, SC

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NMTCs were leveraged to build two identical 21 MW biomass generation facilities which will convert wood pulp and debris into electricity for use throughout South Carolina. Both facilities use biomass from logging residues, timber thinnings, and urban wood waste as its primary fuel source supplied from an estimated 40-mile radius from each site. Each facility requires more than 200,000 tons of biomass per year; biomass is now converted to electricity and 100% of the electrical power output is sold to South Carolina’s state-owned electric facility through a 30-year Power Purchase Agreement that includes all-encompassing fuel cost pass-through. Forestry is South Carolina’s number one manufacturing industry; having experienced a four-year economic downturn, a vast number of forestry jobs in South Carolina have been lost. This project provided catalytic job opportunities resulting from impacts to the supply chain and generates new tax revenue to help boost the economy.

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