Provident Public Health Center (2020)

Philadelphia, PA


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NMTC Amount: $20,000,000

Est. Total Project Cost: $69,641,724


Provident Public Health Center is the renovation of the historically significant Provident Mutual Life Insurance Building which has been vacant for over 20 years, into a medical campus in a medically underserved area. Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Public Health Management Corporation will serve as the anchor tenants and provide essential medical care to the low-income community.

The Project is located within a severely distressed medically underserved census tract.  According to a Philadelphia Department of Health 2018 Study, adult obesity in the surrounding neighborhood is 39.6%, diagnosed mental health conditions are 22.4% and 47.6% of children under the age 18 are living in poverty. The Project is designed to provide the services the community needs most, including a medical clinic providing basic health and dental services to the low-income community. PHMC will run the Children’s Community Umbrella which will provide case management to at-risk children and CHOP will offer various programs focused on behavioral health including suicide prevention, autism, eating disorders and depression. The Project will serve at least 28,000 people annually with a large majority of those being from the low-income community.

With an unemployment rate of 17.5%, 2.11 times the national average, The Project will create 1,500 high-paying quality jobs which will be filled by the members of the community and 160 union construction jobs. Tenants will partner with Philadelphia Works and Enterprise Center to ensure low-income persons and low-income residents have access and receive the training needed to qualify for the new jobs. 

Project Map

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