Rehab of the Fuller Paint Building (2004)

Salt Lake City, UT


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NMTC Amount: $4,500,000

Est. Total Project Cost: $9,900,000


Rehab of the Fuller Paint Building into a new headquarters for Big-D Construction Corp: The minute you set foot in Big-D’s new corporate headquarters, you’ll realize that the glass truly is greener on the other side. But the stairway isn’t the only thing that is green in this office. With more natural light and better air quality, this building incorporates a wealth of “green” features designed to conserve natural resources, enhance and protect natural habitats, decrease greenhouse emissions, improve employee health, comfort and productivity and contribute to community vitality and aesthetics.

The historic preservation was executed in full compliance with National Preservation standards, including restoring the exterior to its original ochre color, refurbishing/replacing the windows and implementing structural renovations where necessary.

Project Map