Ronan, MT (2005)

Shiree Dupuis-Ryan


  • NMTC Amount: $457,200
  • Total Project Cost: $696,900


  • 2 FTE jobs


Project Description

This deal provides long term financing for a pharmacy and drug store. The store sells a variety of medical equipment items, gifts, food and beverages. This business, owned by a Native American female, was located in a leased space with restricted room for growth. The financing from this deal allowed the company to purchase a larger facility offering greater visibility, allowing for more stability and efficiency for the company. The new facility provided space for expansion as well as further service and sales of medical equipment. The new location is on a frontage road off of a main highway and is expected to drive more traffic into the store. To accommodate an increase in traffic, the facility was equipped with convenient access, parking, and a drive-up pharmacy window. In addition, the borrower moved from renting to owning, giving the business more stability by controlling occupancy costs. This deal provides an opportunity for a female Native American business owner to own her place of business for the first time. It also allows for the retention of 8 jobs and the creation of at least 2 new jobs in the area.


Address: 225 Highway 93 South, Ronan, MT 59864

Census Tract:

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