Smiths Block

Project Type(s): Historic Rehabilitation and Retail

Project Year: 2006

CDE(s): United Fund Advisors

NMTC amount: $6,747,175

Total Project Costs: $9,718,634

The Smith's Block building, completed in 1872, is one of the oldest buildings in Portland's waterfront area and a stunning example of cast-iron architecture. RV Kuhns and Associates (Kuhns) purchased the property in 2005 in order to rehabilitate the space and relocate its Portland office there. The building was part of the waterfront strategic plan put forth by the City's redevelopment agency which called for the addition of more day time office employees and retail establishments to the area.

The building's historic facade has been retained while the interior has received a significant seismic upgrade in addition to a range of interior improvements that enable it to provide very high quality office space for the Kuhns staff.