Saint Louis, MO (2012)

St. Louis Food Hub

Financing for a grocery store and a food distribution, processing and aggregation facility.


  • NMTC Amount: $19,056,500
  • Total Project Cost: $19,056,500


  • 85 FTE jobs
  • 94 construction jobs


Project Description

Distribution center and market for locally grown foods. – Grocery store & a food distribution, processing and aggregation facility: The concept of the St. Louis Food Hub was born from the partnership of the local developer and St. Louis-based groups working on food desert issues, combined with support from local financiers and NMTC allocatees (including MBS Urban Initiatives) to help a neighborhood in desperate need of a fresh food outlet.


Address: 1814 South 14th Street, Saint Louis, MO 63104

Census Tract: 29510123200

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