The German Club

Tampa, FL (2019)


Project Description

The German Club is the rehabilitation of the shuttered, historically significant 16,000 sq. ft. German American Club building, and the construction of an adjacent 15,000 sq. ft. structure in Tampa, Florida (the “Project”) by German American Tampa Holdings, LLC. The building isoccupied by Metro Inclusive Health and CAN Community Health. The Project is located in a severely distressed, medically underserved census tract and provided essential services that the community is most in need of, including healthcare, counseling, and education services. Outgrowing their current location in recent years, the tenants have remained dedicated to providing quality “inclusive” full-service health care and vital social services, with a focus on HIV patients and the LGBTQ community. The Project anticipates serving over 12,000 patients annually, with 55% of those patients considered low-income and either under-insured or uninsured.

With an unemployment rate of 14.3%, 1.72x the national average, the project will create 40 permanent, full-time jobs and 50 construction jobs. Employees will receive health, dental, disability and life insurance benefits. Tenants are committed to working with several local job placement agencies and at least 50% of the new jobs were filled by low-income persons or residents of a low-income community. The Project consists of rehabilitating a historic structure for a not for profit tenant dedicated to servicing the community’s high-risk medical patients. It also involves construction of an adjacent healthcare facility, which provided counseling, education and a variety of health services.

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