Baltimore, MD (2022)

The Justice Thurgood Marshall Center

Thurgood Marshall's old school in West Baltimore becomes community center


  • NMTC Amount: $9,750,000
  • Total Project Cost: $13,943,852


  • 9 FTE jobs
  • 205 construction jobs
  • Minority entity capacity building. Accessible jobs. Expanded LIC development activity. 4 jobs created and 5 jobs retained.


Project Description

The Henry Highland Garnet School (“PS 103”) was built in 1877 and was a segregated elementary school for African American children. One of its most recognizable students was Justice Thurgood Marshall, the first African American appointed to the US Supreme Court, who attended the school from 1914 – 1921.

The Justice Thurgood Marshall Center at PS 103 honors the legacy of Justice Marshall and other civil rights leaders from Upton while providing needed community services, resources, including:

  • The Univ. of MD Judge Alexander Williams, Jr. Center for Law, Justice, & Ethics, which will provide legal and restorative justice programs to Baltimore residents
  • A museum, gallery, and event space devoted to Justice Marshall and the legislative/judicial history of segregation and civil rights
  • A new headquarters for project sponsor Beloved CDC;
  • The Baltimore field office of the Maryland Legislative Office of the Black Caucus;
  • Wrap-around services offered by mission-aligned nonprofits.


Address: 1315 Division Street, Baltimore, MD 21217

Census Tract: 24510170200

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